About Swampbabies

"She believed she could, so she did."

Ever wonder what you could do if you took the chance? I’m one of those people who do not like change. I like to know what lies ahead of me and don’t take risks. In the summer of 2016, I took the biggest risk of all by opening my own business, Swampbabies.

At the time I had quit my job to care for an aging parent. Being home all the time, I needed an outlet that was just for me. I’ve always been a creative person, plus like any Southern girl, I love a monogram! Swampbabies started in the back of my closet with one machine, a few supplies, and determination to succeed. Swampbabies allowed me to work around Dad’s schedule as well as those of my active teenagers!

What is a Swampbaby anyway? It is a term of endearment my late mother used to describe my family. Whenever we had to go back to our small town in South Carolina after visiting, she would say, “My babies have to go back to the swamp” referring to the swampy entrance to our town. I tossed around some other names but always kept coming back to Swampbabies. It just felt right and provided a means to honor her in a small way.

Our online boutique features a mixture of sweet and sassy children’s clothing and accessories along with some things for their mamas. All items are handmade with great attention to quality and detail. Browse our extensive collection today!


     I’ve learned to always take a chance and learn something new. “She believed she could, so she did” has become my personal motto.